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Flower frogs can be traced back to the 16th century and can be found in various materials and sizes. They are used as a form to hold stems in place and are a great tool for at-home floral designs. 

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Flower frog in bowlFlower frog in bowl on table
Place flower frog in a bowl or vessel of your choice, fill with water


placing white flower in flower frog
Cut stems at an angle, to desired lengths. Placing each stem in holes so the can stand balanced, without falling over.  

Repeat with flowers and foliage of your choice. Here we've used white peonies and jasmine vine. Keep in mind various lengths, shape and flow. 


White flowers with foilage on tableWhite flowers on table with white wall
Top with water regularly, removing flowers and foliage which have wilted.

Vintage flower frogs and other floral tools can be found in our Accessories Shop


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