Our Flowers

We live and love flowers. Growing them, picking them, hunting them down from the markets, cleaning them, observing them, arranging them, photographing them, delivering them. They give us purpose and connect us with those who share our love and obsession.  

Our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced. We choose local when seasonally possible, working with a growing network of local, independent flower farms. We support the work of Hives for Humanity and the Hasting Urban Farm and many independent farmer and gardeners around the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. 

Our Studio

We share an address, 7 e. 7, with a collaborative group of artists and brands, lead by Janaki Larsen and the team behind Atelier St. George and Le Marché St. George

Ours is a working studio, open to the public Tuesday - Saturday 11am-6pm - and by appointment throughout the week. We encourage you to stop by and view our selection, order custom bouquets or enquire about upcoming events and workshops. We'd love to create custom designs in your vases and talk about all kinds of collaborative floral projects. 

Our Team

Nassi Soofi & Alexandra Schulze are the founding partners behind the flowers. The Wild Bunch has grown to include a loving network of friends and supporters. Big love.